Streamlight Siege Lantern


Streamlight Siege Lantern


The Streamlight SIEGE battery-powered lantern is compact and rugged, perfect for all outdoor and survival situations.



The Streamlight Siege Lantern – Compact, Alkaline Hand Lantern

The Streamlight Siege Lantern battery-powered lantern is compact and rugged, perfect for all outdoor and survival situations. Waterproof up to a depth of one metre, engineered to float and resistant to battery corrosion; the Siege is built to survive the harshest environments. The rubber moulded base provides stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. Spring loaded D-rings on top and bottom allow the Siege to hang upright or in an inverted position.

Removing the cover illuminates large areas, making it perfect for use as an overhead light for camping, expeditions and emergency lighting around the home.

The Siege features a battery level indicator with 12 days run-time on low, ensuring you have the power of its five C4 LEDs when you need them. Four white LEDS provide 340 lumens on high, with one red LED featuring flash SOS modes for emergency signalling.

The Siege provides the security of bright light with 360 degrees of illumination in a versatile and portable lantern.

Multiple modes:

White LED (four C4® LEDs) with cover removed

  • High for brightest light; 340 lumens; runs 30 hours
  • Medium for bright light and longer run times; 175 lumens; runs 70 hours
  • Low provides extended run times for when less light is needed; 33 lumens; runs 295 hours

Red LED (one red LED) Red LED

  • High – Steady (night vision preserving mode); 10 lumens; runs 235 hours
  • Flash SOS mode for emergency signalling; 10 lumens; runs 430 hours