Radar Molle Platform


Radar Molle Platform


Customised double u system enables application of holsters with the RDC system to supports with the molle system with the RDC Evo hooking system.




Radar Molle Platform

The Radar Molle Platform comes with 2 Molle platforms for different mounting distances.
RDC enables fast and simple opening and removal of the holster body.

Handling RDC:
The quick release system allows you faster and easier changing of your holster between each RDC platform. Adjust the position of your holster immediately to the required use.

The holster can be mounted in any 360 degree position, to change the angle, press the central locking lever and turn the holster body into position and lock into place.

To facilitate the change between the platforms the ring gear is attached to the back of the holster and the quick-release adapter (female) on the Holster plattform.

To remove the holster the body must be on the quick release adapter (Female) both locking tabs are pressed simultaneously and the holster can be easily removed. For application of the holster gear press the Male adapter against the female adapter and turn slightly until the locking tabs click.

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